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Canvas FastTrack Ep. 14 - SpeedGrader App

The Canvas FastTrack Video series is a collection of quick videos aligning Canvas with Dr. Puentedura’s SAMR Model of Technology Integration.  This model has been used by many institutions as a framework for infusing technology into teaching and learning activities.  In the video collection we will dive into the various tools in Canvas and how they align with the SAMR Model of Technology.  Watch this four-minute video introduction to SAMR if you aren’t already familiar with the model.

Episode 14 is a 2 minute video about the SpeedGrader App; at the Augmentation level of Technology integration Students will submit assignments online to Canvas.  The SpeedGrader App is one of the greatest tools any teacher can have, the process of giving students quality feedback in a speedy and efficient fashion can be achieved in no time at all. 

Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave feedback, requests, and suggestions in the comments below!

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Community Member

I can see great value in the Speed Grader App.  I wonder how to support teachers not being overwhelmed with all the great options.  When do you engage in a thread of comments?  When do you just grade?  When do you leave a comment & move on?  Perhaps this should be part of planning for the assessments - how much engagement for specific assignments.  That could prevent overload and giving up on this useful tool.

Community Member

I absolutely love the idea of learning outside the classroom or outside conventional learning environments. It's an important constructive disruption of the education model.

Sorry to be so shamelessly promoting this idea, but the easier it is for teachers to bring content into Canvas, the quicker they'll be able to climb the SAMR ladder.

Vote for a more robust QTI function built into Canvas: Strengthen Canvas Import Ability with QTI Files today.


Thanks and Cheers,