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Canvas FastTrack Ep. 30 - Let's Start a Journal

The Canvas FastTrack Video series is a collection of quick videos aligning Canvas with Dr. Puentedura’s SAMR Model of Technology Integration.  This model has been used by many institutions as a framework for infusing technology into teaching and learning activities.  In the video collection we will dive into the various tools in Canvas and how they align with the SAMR Model of Technology.  Watch this four-minute video introduction to SAMR if you aren’t already familiar with the model.

Episode 29 is a 2 1/2 minute video about utilizing discussions as a space for personal journals or blogs in Canvas.   At the Modification level of technology integration moving from the typical paper and pencil journal to an online space where students can type, record audio or video to a weekly, daily, monthly blog post is easy and engaging in Canvas. 

Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave feedback, requests, and suggestions in the comments below!

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This is what we do, and the students highly value it, as we expected they would. So much so they would like to save their work for future reference at the end of the course. The video does not refer to this. One can simply cut and paste to Word but the result is a rather messy document. A one click solution that would save content and the date of the entry, and nothing else, would be very useful. Or as previously suggested, a wiki tool (internal NOT Google), which would have a wide range of uses, among which would be this journalling function.