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Canvas FastTrack Series

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Canvas Engagement - FastTrack Video Series

What is the Canvas FastTrack Video Series?

Traffic Jam-200.pngSince Canvas was founded, in 2011, administrators have taken many different approaches to how they rollout Canvas at their institutions. There is not one perfect "one size fits all" way for everyone to implement Canvas and garner the attention and engagement to which most aspire.

The "Canvas FastTrack Video Series" is a quick video guide for teachers to help with the alignment of Canvas tools with SAMR and the ways to perpetually increase user engagement! For the next 40 days we will present a new 2 1/2 minute video to the Community starting with the Substitution level of SAMR. Everyone is encouraged to reply and share their personal insight, experiences, and advice.

Have an idea for a FastTrack topic: SHARE YOUR IDEAS FOR FUTURE QUESTIONS, HERE

Here's a listing of the FastTrack Videos...

Date:Canvas FastTrack Video Topic:
March 7th
Film-48.pngFastTrack Episode 1: Announcements - Extra Extra Read all About It!
March 8thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 2: Video Announcements - Level Up your Announcements
March 9th

Film-48.pngFastTrack Episode 3: Linking your Online Textbooks & Resources - The One Stop Shop

March 10thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 4: Calendar - Time is of the Essence
March 11thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 5: Worksheets - Quick Distribution of Worksheet/Handouts
March 14thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 6: Homepage - Make it a Website but Better!
March 15thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 7: Media Tool - Take Two! Video Tools
March 16thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 8: Featured Items - Student Spotlights, Features & Course Vignettes
March 17thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 9: Modules - The backbone of your Course
March 18thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 10: LTI's - Freebies We Love!
March 21stFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 11: Student View - Do you know what they see?
March 22ndFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 12: Student Submissions - Snap a Pic and Submit!
March 23rdFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 13: Student Comments - Comments, Questions, Concerns
March 24thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 14: SpeedGrader App - Grade on the Fly!
March 25thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 15: Commons - Help me, Help you
March 28thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 16: Daily Assignments - Fast Fives, Bellwork, Daily Warm-up
March 29thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 17: Pages - Fun Sized and Bite Sized
March 30thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 18: Modules: Fun Formative Assessments
March 31stFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 19: Submissions: Google, Office365, OneNote
April 1stFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 20: Discussions: Chat about it!
April 4thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 21: Lights, Camera, Action!
April 5thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 22: 911, Where are your Emergency sub plans?
April 6thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 23: Flip it, Flip it real good!
April 7thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 24: Cloze Note Quizzes
April 8thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 25: Gallery Stroll through Canvas
April 11thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 26: Power of Immediate Feedback
April 12thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 27: Choose Your Own Learning Adventure
April 13thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 28: Pick a submission, any submission
April 14thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 29: Me, reviewing you, reviewing me?
April 15thFilm-48.pngFastTrack Episode 30: Let's start a Journal!
Film-48.pngFastTrack Episode 31: Students Track Progress
Film-48.pngFastTrack Episode 32: Show & Tell
Film-48.png FastTrack Google & Canvas Episode 1: Graphic Organizers and Cloud Assignments
Film-48.png FastTrack Google & Canvas Episode 2: Versioning of Assignments for Revision with Google
Film-48.png FastTrack Google & Canvas Episode 3: Whole Class Collaboration on a Google Document
Film-48.pngFastTrack Google & Canvas Episode 4: Collaboration Tool with Canvas & Google
Film-48.png FastTrack Google & Canvas Episode 5: Embed in an Assignment for Text Entry submission
Film-48.png FastTrack Google & Canvas Episode 6: Embed Consumable Readings or Documents
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17 Replies
New Member

These are useful and quick videos and exactly a strategy I often recommend to instructors to inform and engage students in their online courses. Thank you to the folks who are working on these!


Community Contributor

I agree, the videos are very nice! The short videos are a great length to engage users and open the conversation on a topic. It would be nice if we were able to grab the embed code of these videos so we add them easily into Canvas pages. It was something that can be done with the Canvas Guide videos in Vimeo, but I don't see the options with these.

Thanks and keep up the good work!


Hi  @tankovpa ​,

Thanks for the feedback. They are being uploaded weekly to YouTube. So if you have YouTube access you can embed from there!

We will see what we can do with Vimeo down the road.



Community Contributor

Awesome! thanks for letting me know. I will grab them from there. Do you have it set up as a channel?


 @tankovpa ​ It is a playlist under the CanvasLMS Youtube Channel. This link should take you directly there, only the first five are up, the next five will be up next week, expect about a half week delay from the Community to YouTube.


Community Contributor

These are great,  @lstark ​!

Could you please upload your captions to YouTube? Right now it is "auto-generated" which won't allow us to use these for our 113 colleges.

If you aren't able to caption these, can we download the videos and upload them to our own YouTube account with captions we type out?

Thank you!

California Community Colleges


Hi  @teraulbert ​,

Thanks for the feedback! I will reach out to our Social Media department about captioning on YouTube, in the meantime, feel free to download them and share them on your own YouTube Channel with Captioning.  In the spirit of openness here at Instructure, the more visibility the better. Smiley Happy  I believe our YouTube delay is about a week.



New Member

This is fantastic!  Nice, short, to-the-point videos that my colleagues can access and they are all in one place.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Community Champion

Really good stuff.  Thanks for creating and sharing.