Change Made Easy (and Fun!) : The New and Improved Instructure Adoption Success Toolkit


From Vision to Victory: The Instructure Adoption Success Toolkit

Just in time for Back to School, we're excited to share some awesome news! For years, educational leaders have used the Canvas Success Model to support and improve the use of Canvas LMS for their communities. It’s been a game-changer for educational leaders who want to make the most of Canvas in their institutions. In 2021, we launched the awesome Canvas Adoption Success Toolkit, which laid out the action steps for this transformative success. And now, we’re thrilled to introduce the new and improved version of the Instructure Adoption Success Toolkit!



Just like the original, the Instructure Adoption Success Toolkit is here to help you take your institution’s use of ed-tech tools to the next level…this time expanding the toolkit to apply to any of Instructure’s products. With our 5 Steps to Success, we’ve got you covered. This version is packed with super tools including: comprehensive checklists, step-by-step processes, and strategic roadmaps to take you through each phase of the Instructure Success Model. It’s got everything you need and reflects the full Instructure family, including Canvas, Mastery Connect, Elevate, Impact, and LearnPlatform.  


The 5 Steps to Success




Bring the Leaders Together.

Form an Adoption Team with leaders and stakeholders to assess your current processes and begin planning for the future.



Create and Share the Vision.

Start your visionary leadership journey and define the “why” to engage your organization in a shared vision of success.


Plan for the Short and Long Term.

Construct plans for communication, training, and engagement to prepare for challenges that will arise and empower leaders to support adoption.


Execute and Deepen Experiences.

Implement plans with fidelity and flexibility to allow for responsive shifts that meet the needs of your stakeholders while honoring your vision.


Assess Progress and Amplify Wins.

Evaluate your adoption progress to share successes, set goals, and continue your evolution with the Instructure Learning Platform. 


How Can I Use the Adoption Success Toolkit? 

The Instructure Adoption Success Toolkit’s steps are based on years of research and customer feedback on how to effectively launch and use the Instructure Learning Platform. It's not a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a customizable model that can be adapted to fit the needs of any institution in the use of any of Instructure’s products. 

How can you customize the toolkit for your community? Each approach looks different depending on your institution’s unique context! For example, a school principal might use the Instructure Adoption Success Toolkit to roll out a new academic initiative (like blended learning or social-emotional strategies) enhanced by their use of Canvas and Mastery Connect. A higher education client might use the Instructure Adoption Success Toolkit to target the needs of their educators and students as they transition to Canvas. Regardless of where you fall in your launch of an Instructure product, whether it’s your first year or tenth year, the Instructure Adoption Success Toolkit will simplify and scale to meet your unique needs. We're excited to share this improved tool with everyone!

Check It Out:

All Right, I'm Ready to Get Started!

Take the Adoption Discovery Self-Assessment (Google Copy, Microsoft Copy, PDF Download) to begin your Instructure Learning Platform transformation journey. In as little as 5 minutes, you will have an analysis of your product adoption needs alongside concrete actions on where to begin. The desired outcome of this assessment is to have a list of 1 to 3 Key Areas of Adoption that you can focus on while working through the 5 Steps to Instructure Learning Platform Success in the Instructure Adoption Success Toolkit.

If you want to learn even more, listen to the most recent InstructureCast episode, "From Vision to Victory: The Adoption Success Toolkit."


This work is the result of the collective effort of the Learning Services team, my blog co-author @ErinMR, and the continued partnership with institutions implementing the Instructure Learning Platform every day.  We can't wait to hear your transformative stories of adoption success!