FastTrack: Canvas Admin Ep. 1- Faculty Journal

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The "FastTrack: Canvas Admin Video Series" is a quick video guide for Canvas Administrators to learn about a few of our admin level tools and how they can be shared with Instructors and Students. This series is designed to continue to help with driving adoption and engagement of all the features of Canvas.  For the next 20 days we will present a new 2 1/2 - 3 minute video to the Community. Everyone is encouraged to reply and share their personal insight, experiences, and advice.

Episode 1 is a 3 minute video about the Faculty Journal Tool in Canvas and how it can be utilized for all instructors to track student progress and see student progress across all courses in Canvas.  Faculty Journal is not considered a Canvas Core feature, features like this are developed as custom projects and then shared with the entire Canvas community.  So with that in mind, it may seem limited to what it can do and may not meet all of your institutions needs. 

Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave feedback, requests, and suggestions in the comments below!

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Is there a way to allow permission to view all of a student's comments (like the admin role) without having all admin permissions? This would be useful for advisors to be able to see this information, but the should only be able to see their advisees' comments. It doesn't sound like there is an API to be able to pull this data. Is this correct?

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