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Using Respondus to Migrate Moodle Quiz Banks into Canvas...procedures?

Hi all,

I've searched, but maybe not good enough so thought I'd just ask:

Has anyone developed procedures on using Respondus 4.0 to export quiz banks from Moodle into Canvas?

I've found the 'Retrieval' tab in Respondus, but I don't have Admin privileges in Moodle to grab banks so that way may not work for me. 

Any  other ideas?  Many thanks for ideas!


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Hi Doug,

Moodle supports exporting to XHTML, which you could try. After you download the XHTML file, open it in the browser & copy/paste into a Word document.Respondus can import Word documents, but you might need to play with the format.

Alternately, you could download a copy of Moodle to run locally on your own computer- where you would be the admin. Then download a copy of your courses, and import them into your local Moodle instance. From there, you could use Respondus to retrieve the quizzes. It's just a matter of how many you have that will tell you which approach is better.


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