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At the University of Minnesota, we are using LibGuides to present subject and course guide resources to students, and we will soon be using Ex Libris' Leganto tool to present course reserves to students.  Both have an LTI tool that integrates into Canvas.

Our Office of Information Technology (OIT) has graciously given us an automatic link in the Canvas course menu for every course to present subject guides.  However, they will not give us another automatic link to do the same with Leganto and course reserves.

So, how do we present two LTIs within one automatic course menu link?  Has anyone encountered this problem before?  We have come up with 3 possible solutions:

1.  Create a new LTI and use the LibGuides API and the Leganto API to populate this new LTI.  The problem with this is that it requires maintenance, and takes the user out of the default LTI functionality of the two tools (especially Leganto).

2.  OIT has offered to create an "Application Launcher" tool for us.  In this scenario, the user would click the "Library Resources" link in the Canvas course menu, and be taken to another page that presents the user with all the Library options, such as LibGuides, Leganto, and possibly more.  The problem with this solution is that the user has to perform multiple clicks, and search for the right tool to click.  It could be a usability problem.

3.  We could also use Leganto as the primary tool, and link to LibGuides within it for every course.  Using the Alma API, we could automatically create Leganto course reading lists for every course, and pre-populate them with links to appropriate LibGuides/LibApps resources.

I must admit we are leaning towards #3, but has anyone else encountered this problem or come up with a different solution that we haven't thought of?  Thanks for any ideas anyone may have!


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What did you decide to do with this? We are currently moving to ExLibris and also have LibGuides through LTI on Canvas