How do I create a benchmark assessment from a document-based source as an admin?

In Mastery Connect, district administrators (admins) and users with benchmark author or benchmark facilitator permission can create benchmark assessments from document-based sources.

Benchmark assessments must be kept private to your district.

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Open Assessments

In the Global Navigation menu click the Admin link [1].  Then, hover the cursor over the Assessments tab [2] and select the Benchmarks option [3].  

To add a new benchmark assessment, click the Add Benchmark button [4].

Alternatively, if  you have been assigned the role of benchmark author or benchmark facilitator, in the Global Navigation menu click the Admin link [1]. Then click the Benchmarks tab [2].

Create Assessment

Create Assessment

The Assessment Type drop-down displays the District Benchmark option by default [1].

To select a subject, core, and class for the assessment click the drop-down menus [2].

Click the Standard drop-down menu, then select the Multi-Standard option [3].

To allow teachers to remove the assessment from their trackers, click the Allow Teachers to Delete from Trackers box [4].

Enter a name for the assessment in the Title field [5].

Optionally, enter a description of the assessment in the Description field [6].

Note:  Benchmark assessments must have multiple standards. If you do not select Multi-Standard in the Standard drop-down menu, the benchmark is automatically converted to a formative assessment.

Select Assessment Source

Select Assessment Source

You can upload document-based assessment files from Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Google Drive, Dropbox, or from a file on your computer.

To select an assessment source, click the Assessment Source drop-down menu [1]. Then, to select the file location, click the location name in the Document Based list [2].

To select the file you want to upload, click the Choose File button [3].  

Note: You cannot select an assessment source document from a Google shared drive.

Select Question Types

Select Question Types

To select a question type, click the Type drop-down menu [1]

To select the number of questions you want to include for that question type, enter a number in the Qty box [2].

To add the questions to the assessment, click the Add button [3].  

To add additional question types, repeat the process for each new question type.

Select Question Attributes

To select the correct answers for the multiple choice, multi-select, and true/false questions, click the bubbles for the correct answers [1]. You can also add Bubble Sheet Rubric Scoring or Rubric Criteria questions.

To assign a number of points to each question, type the value in the Points box [2].

To change the question type after it has been added to the assessment, in the Type drop-down menu click the new question type [3].

To select a standard to which the question aligns, click the Standards drop-down menu and select a standard [4].

If your school or district uses tags you can use one or more per question.  To select a tag, click the Tags drop down menu and click the appropriate checkboxes [5].

To delete a question from the assessment, click the Remove icon [6].

Enter Mastery Cut Scores

Enter Multi-Standard Mastery Scores

The Scoring column displays the total number of points possible for each standard [1].

To enter mastery cut scores, enter the number of points required for Mastery in the M box [2], and the number of points required for Near Mastery in the NM box [3].

To view details about a standard, hover the cursor over the standard name [4] to view details in the window [5].

Create Assessment

Create Assessment

To save your changes and create the assessment, click the Create Assessment button [1].

Note: To remove all selections on the page, click the Reset button [2].