How do I view the Assessment Analysis for an item-based assessment?

In Mastery Connect, you can view an Assessment Analysis for item-based assessments in the Analysis tab of the Assessment Editor.  

The Analysis tab displays an overview of the assessment's balance, rigor, and question distribution using metadata.


  • Because it requires metadata, item analysis is available only for item-based assessments.
  • Item analysis is available only to assessment authors and and editors when the assessment is in the draft or edit state.
  • Item analysis is updated in real-time as the assessment is edited.

Open Analysis

In the Assessment Editor for an item-based assessment in the draft or edit state, click the Analysis tab.

View Analysis

The Analysis tab displays series of charts based on metadata type that show the count and percentage of items for each type.

Answers, Item Type, and Standard [1] are required metadata and display for all assessments .

Optional metadata, such as Depth of Knowledge and Difficulty, display if available.

If the assessment includes a passage, the passage name [2] and number of items associated with each passage [3] display.  

Download Assessment Analysis

To download the Assessment Analysis, click the Download button.

View Download

The Assessment Analysis downloads to your computer as an editable CSV file.