How do I view student mastery level details for a formative assessment as an admin?

Formative assessment reports display overview information about student performance and progress toward standards mastery. However, as a District Administrator you can view mastery level details for each standard. Mastery level details display student lists, broken down by school, instructor, and course, for Mastery, Near Mastery, and Remediation standards performance. You can also view a list of students with no score for the standard in the assessment.

Formative assessment details may help you identify students who need additional academic support.

Open Admin

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Formative Assessments

Open Formative Assessments

Hover over the Assessments tab [1] and select the Formative option [2].

Open Formative Assessment Report

Locate the formative assessment in the Assessments list and click the Reports button [1].

You can also find an assessment using the search [2] and filter options [3].

Open Mastery Level Details

To open mastery level details and view a list of students in a mastery level, click a chart item.

As an admin, you can view mastery level details for any item in a formative assessment report chart. The mastery level details include a list of students in each mastery level.

View Mastery Level Details

The Mastery Levels window opens to the Students tab [1] and displays mastery details for the selected chart item [2]. To view mastery details for the standard's other mastery levels, click the mastery level tabs [3].

Each mastery level student list is organized by school [4], instructor [5], and course [6]. You can view the mastery level [7] and a list of all students in the course at that mastery level [8].

To print a copy of the student list, click the Print button [9].

To close the Mastery Levels window, click the Close icon [10].