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Set up MasteryConnect Canvas Global Navigation using LTI

Set up MasteryConnect Canvas Global Navigation using LTI

This is an additional LTI Configuration so DO NOT  remove the current MasteryConnect App with LTI that you have added for the Assignment External Tool.  In order for this is work smoothly, please be sure the Canvas user’s email is  associated with an MC user.  You can generate shared and secret keys to a school or district.


How to Configure LTI for Canvas (Find the Key and Secret in MasteryConnect)

  1. In MasteryConnect, click Admin, hover over Manage, and then select LTI Settings.

2. On this page, you will see the name of your district and of individual schools. You can generate an LTI Key and Secret for the entire district, or for specific schools within your district. To do this, click Generate to the right of the district (or schools) for which you want to set up LTI. These are the two pieces of information that you’ll need before going to Canvas.

Note: You can Revoke the key and secret for your district or school at any time. Please be aware that this action is permanent, and that everything associated with the revoked key and secret will no longer be usable.


How to Configure LTI (Add MasteryConnect to Canvas)

1. In a separate browser window, open Canvas and log in. **Don’t remove the current MasteryConnect App with LTI that you have added for Assignment External Tool, this is an additional app.

2. On the left of your Canvas account, click the Admin icon, and then select your account.

3. Next, click Settings (“A ”), select Apps (“ B”) from the the navigation bar, and then click the View App Configurations (“C”) button.

4. Here, you’ll see a list of all external apps that are connected to your Canvas account. Click on Add App.

5. Now, in the Configuration Type drop-down list, select By URL.

6. In the Name box, type a name for the external app (for the sake of simplicity, we recommend using MasteryConnect Global Nav in the name).

7. At this point, you will need the key and secret for the school or district that you are trying to integrate. Return to the MasteryConnect LTI Settings page, copy the key and paste it in the Consumer Key box.

8. Next, copy the secret and paste it in the Shared Secret box in Canvas.

9. In the Config URL box, enter "" and then click Submit. Click Yes, Install Tool.

10. MasteryConnect will now be added to the left Global Navigation in your Canvas account. 

11. Teacher & Student sample views are on the next page below:

Teacher View:

Student View:

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