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Deliver a Linked MasteryConnect Assessment via Canvas LTI

Deliver a Linked MasteryConnect Assessment via Canvas LTI

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) allows you to integrate MasteryConnect with Canvas. Once your administrator sets up an LTI connection for your school or district, you will be able to deliver assessments in MasteryConnect through Canvas.

Note: If an institution’s instance of Canvas is already connected to MasteryConnect and is using it as an external tool submission type, a Canvas admin will need to remove their institution’s MasteryConnect integration.

Open Assignments

Canvas Menu

In Canvas, open the course to which you would like to add the assessment. Click Assignments.

Open Assignment Editor

Settings screen

Click the Add Assignment button.

Name Assignment

Name Assignment

Now, enter the title of your assessment in the Assignment Name box.

Fill Out Assignment Details

Assignment Details

In the Points box, enter the total points available for the assessment. This needs to match the points of the assessment that you're linking to in MasteryConnect.

Select Submission Type

Submission Type

Click the Submission Type drop-down list and select MasteryConnect.

Open Assessment Linker

Assessment Linker

Click the Link Assessment button.

Select Tracker

Tracker list

You can filter the displayed trackers by Created (trackers that were created by you), Collaborating On, or by Archived [1]. To see the metadata for a tracker, click the Show More arrow [2]. The tracker metadata includes the students, core, section, curriculum map, and other tracker characteristics [3]. Select your tracker by clicking the Select button [4]. 

Select Assessment

View Assessments

This will open a dialog box that displays all the assessments that are tied to your tracker. In this window, you can toggle the Include Assessed filter on or off [1]. You can also sort the list of assessments by tracker or by assessment title [2]. Select your assessment by clicking the Select button [3].

Choose Assignment Settings

Assignment Settings

Your MasteryConnect assessment is now linked to your Canvas assignment. You can opt to give the assessment a set number of allowed attempts [1], choose who to assign the assessment to [2], schedule an optional due date [3], or set up a window of time during which the assessment is available [4]. Your options may differ from what is shown above based on your admin-level settings.

Save Changes

Save Assignment

When you are finished creating your assignment, click the Save and Publish button.

Note: If you have connected previous MasteryConnect assessments to Canvas assignments using the Canvas LTI tool, those assessments will still be connected.

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