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Capture Evidence for an Assessment

Capture Evidence for an Assessment

The evidence capture feature allows you to add a note or upload an image for each student in an assessment. You can use it to capture evidence of learning as it happens in the classroom, outdoors, or elsewhere; show student's work on math problems, diagrams scrawled on the white board, or projects such as visual arts. You may also want to capture evidence to show justification and provide context when changing a score in your tracker. Evidence can be added to all assessments, whether they have been scored or not.

Note: Although notes and images can only be added through the MasteryConnect Teacher app, they can be viewed and downloaded from your tracker on any platform. 

Open Trackers

In the Teacher app, tap the Trackers icon, and then select your tracker from the list.

Open Standards

On the left side, find the the standard for which you want to capture evidence of learning objectives and tap it.

Open Assessment

On the right, tap the assessment.

Select Student

Select Student

Next, select the student for whose assessment you want to capture evidence

Tap Evidence and then select whether you want to add a Photo or Notes (you can add both).

Add Photo Evidence

If you are adding a photo, choose whether to upload one from your camera roll, or use your camera to take one.  If you choose the Camera option, the photo will not be stored in your phone's photo library.

Add Notes

If you are adding notes, type your note and then tap Save & Close.

View Evidence

View Evidence

Evidence can now be viewed in Teacher app or in your MasteryConnect tracker.

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