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Recapture Progress Reports

Recapture Progress Reports

You can recapture a previously-generated progress report to pull in and recalculate any last-minute data.


  • Depending on the amount of data, a progress report may take up to 24 hours to generate. Feel free to close your browser or turn off your computer, the report will continue generating.
  • This is a premium feature for district and school administrators.

Open Progress Reports

Click Admin, then click on Progress Reports.

Locate Report

Find the progress report whose term data you'd like to capture again and click Recapture. When recapturing, you’ll need to recapture the earliest term first, and begin recapture of the subsequent terms once the previous has completed. This is because when generating term 2 (for example) the previous term’s data is pulled from that term’s report, rather than from the trackers directly.

Recapture Report

Click Recapture Report. Recapturing an academic term will re-pull assessment data from your teachers' trackers and replace the previously generated progress report.

Once the report has been recaptured, you will be informed via email that it's ready for download.

Note: Recapture doesn't reopen the comment window or remove existing teacher comments—it just takes a new snapshot of the data.

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