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Create a Unit in a Tracker

Create a Unit in a Tracker

When you create a unit in your tracker, it will automatically appear in any curriculum map created from that tracker. 

Create New Unit

First, open the tracker for which you would like to create a unit.

Next, click the Tracker button to open the Tracker Display menu and click the Add New Unit button.

Enter Unit Details

Enter Unit Details

In the Create New Unit window, type a Unit Name and optional Description.

You can also select a color; all standard headings for the unit will now appear in your tracker with that color.

Select the standards that you're adding to the unit.

When you're done, click the Save button to return to the tracker.

View New Unit

You'll now be able to see the unit in the Tracker Display menu.

Edit Unit

To edit the unit at any time, click the Tracker button to open the Tracker Display menu. Hover the cursor over the unit and then click the Edit icon.

Hide Unit from Tracker

To hide the unit from the tracker, just clear the checkbox for that unit.

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