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Enter Raw Scores in a Tracker

Enter Raw Scores in a Tracker

If you want to assess students offline or outside of MasteryConnect, but keep the scores and mastery level current in your tracker, you can choose to Enter Raw Scores instead of adding an assessment to your tracker.

Open Tracker Assessments

Click on Trackers, then select your tracker.

Hover over the standard you want to assess, and click on Assess.

Add Assessment

Click on Add Assessment or the Add Assessment icon to add an assessment for this standard. 

Add Assessment Details

Add Assessment Details

Click on Enter Raw Scores for the assessment. Enter a title and the Mastery cut scores and click on Add to Tracker.

Enter Scores

Click on an empty score field and type in the score for that student. Press the Enter key or use the down arrow key to save that score and move to the next student. The Mastery status for that score will automatically be calculated and saved into the tracker.

Note: If you don't want to enter scores in order, click on the empty score field for the student whose score you are entering next.

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