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Hide the Item Analysis

Hide the Item Analysis

You can make the item analysis visible or hide it from parents and students in the MasteryConnect Login. This is done through privacy settings in your tracker. By default, the item analysis is hidden unless the settings are changed. You can change the privacy settings to hide the item analysis for all assessments in your tracker, or individual assessments.

Hide the Item Analysis in a Tracker

First, click on Trackers, and then select your tracker. Hover over the menu button and select Privacy Settings.

Change and Save Privacy Settings

Select the Hide item analysis and the Apply these settings to assessments currently in the tracker check boxes. Click Save. This will hide the answer key for all assessments in your tracker.

Hide the Item Analysis for an Individual Assessment

First click on Trackers, and then select your tracker.

Click on the title of the standard that contains the assessment for which you want to hide the item analysis.

For a single-standard assessment, hover over the assessment title and select Privacy.  For a multi-standard assessment,  you'll first have to click on the assessment title, and then hover over the menu button and select Privacy.  

Change and Save Privacy Settings

Select the Hide Item Analysis checkbox, and then click on Save.

Note: This setting is initially defined by the privacy settings of your tracker. If you make a change to the assessment settings, and then change your tracker settings, the tracker settings will override the assessment settings.       

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