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How do I use a MasteryConnect Tracker in a Canvas course?

How do I use a MasteryConnect Tracker in a Canvas course?

If your institution uses Canvas LMS,  you can link a Mastery Tracker to a Canvas course. You can also create MasteryConnect assessments from within a Canvas course, which creates an assignment in the Canvas course. Trackers can be linked to single Canvas courses as well as cross-listed courses with multiple sections.

Once this connection is made, you will have access to the Mastery Tracker in your Canvas course. This includes access to mastery data, assessments built with 3rd party item banks, and tools to support competency-based learning.

Open Canvas Course

Open Canvas Course

Log in to your Canvas account.

To log into your MasteryConnect account from Canvas, in the Global Navigation Menu, click the Mastery link [1].

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Courses link [2]. Then click the course name link [3].

View Tracker in Course

If you link an existing tracker, any previously added students display in the Students column [1].

To add an assessment to the tracker, click the Add Assessment button [2]. To view or score assessments for a standard, hover over the standard title [3] and click the Assess link [4].


  • Creating an MasteryConnect assessment from your tracker in Canvas automatically creates a Canvas assignment.
  • When a student completes the linked assignment, the assignment score displays in the Canvas gradebook.
  • You can edit your Mastery Tracker directly in Canvas.
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