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Include Scores from Former Students

Include Scores from Former Students


How to Include Scores from Former Students

  1. Click on Trackers, and click on the  Archived tab.  A list of your archived trackers will appear.  Click on Unarchive on the tracker with the students' previous scores.  

  2. Then find the tracker that was moved to your Created list.  Click on the tracker.
  3. The tracker will open up and have no students displayed because they will be active in another current tracker.  
  4. Click on the orange menu button and select Classroom Settings. Then select Include scores from former students and click Save.

  5. To remove a tracker from the Archived list, click on Unarchive underneath the tracker name. This will restore the tracker to your list of created trackers.

    Note: Your trackers will be automatically archived each year according to your school year rollover date.

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