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Can the Canvas Student App be successfully white labeled?

I am interested to know if anyone has taken the source code from the Canvas Student Application and made a White label version of the app?

(I know that this could be achieved using the Canvas Student app theme editor but is for a specific business case for the full white label effect)

Meaning users will be able to access the application from the Play and App store using the business name rather than downloading canvas and then finding the business etc.

Thank you


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Community Coach
Community Coach


I was talking to the Canvas Mobile PM today and the only school that we know that has brought an open source version to production is Mizzou K-12. Apparently it's a mix of open source and Canvas APIs to make a custom app. You can find it here: ‎Mizzou K-12 on the App Store 

I heard the process took a very long time, so it's a lot of effort to get a white label version of the Canvas Student app. I don't have any contacts for Mizzou, but you might find some doing a search online.

If you find out anything interesting, or try to build your own app, please post back here. Thanks.