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If you joined us at InstructureCon 2017‌ for Canvas Mobile, An App for Everyone, thanks for joining me. If not, I wanted to make this available for everyone. The presentation is attached. 

This session covers the parent, student, and teacher roles when using the Canvas Mobile apps. This includes a short overview of 23 interviews by myself, Kristin Lundstrum‌, and Ashley Salter‌. We plan to share more of these interviews over the next few months in this space. 

As part of the presentation, we showed using an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil to do annotations in SpeedGrader, which is available below:

SpeedGrader in Teacher App with iPad Pro - YouTube 

Session Video:

Explorer III

Thank you for sharing,‌ and‌!

Curious: Do you have any research or resources that you have used in the past regarding mobile pedagogy? With the release of the Teacher app, now feels like the best time to work on faculty buy-in for mobile at my institution.

That annotation in Teacher SpeedGrader tho...

Link flexing on top of a mountain in Zelda_ Breath of the Wild.


Hi I'm using a Canvas Rubric within the Teacher App on an iPhone SE - iOS version 10.3.3.

For some reason, I don't have the ability to add comments to individual rubric criteria. The total points add up correctly. According to your presentation, it looks like we should be able to comment on the individual rubric areas on both Android and iOS. I am able to add an overall comment, but would like to add separate comments for the individual rubric criteria. Is that possible? 

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Hello cgaudreau‌, 

My research has centered around mobile design for online courses. The best summary can be found in the Canvas Blog: Are Courses Really Mobile First? | 

I also have a few webinars in the community 

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Lastly we run large scale surveys every other year at UCF, and you can check out our latest report here: 

Hope this helps!

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Yes, you can add individual comments, but you have to turn this on in the web version first.  In rubric settings, be sure to select "I'll write free-form comments when assessing students" 



Thanks‌ - that's important to know as we tell instructors about the Teacher App! Is that true for Android devices, too? If so, we have some instructors who will have to edit their rubrics and check that box for the fall semester.

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That is correct. This is for Android and iOS. 


Thank you for the information!

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