Canvas Mobile App | Calendar Events and In-class participation

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Working as an EdTech Specialist at a renowned Med School I come across various scenarios.

Major Users: Students, Instructors and Canvas Admins (Including Me! :smileygrin:)

How and Why:

  • Majority of our students use Canvas iOS app to take notes on their iPads. We have 50+ courses in MD Program and Canvas app is very helpful as it eases the stress of downloading a lot of paper or notes and bring it to the class. Instead use the canvas app on the iPads and write notes on PPTs or PDF's which are linked in their courses. 
  • Other places where Mobile App comes in to picture is when our 3rd Year MD students are in clinics and have no time to login to Desktop. All that they do is use their apps and look at their schedules during their hectic Clerkship Courses. Students find the process of synching calendars easy and are happy about it.
  • Note taking is easy, stress free and students need not carry tons of paper or books to sessions or classes.

What they like: Announcements, Calendar Events, Grades, To-Do items, Assignments and Files

***I use the Canvas App on Various devices to troubleshoot and test out any new features which can be useful for our students and faculty***

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Thanks for sharing. I always like to hear how different types of students use the Canvas Student app. Your example is unique to the student's taking notes. I have heard of students appreciating the quick features like announcements, calendars, grades, to-do items, etc, but not the note-taking element. 

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