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Hello there, Canvas Mobile Users Group‌!

It’s been quiet around here lately! To help kick start some new collaboration in CMUG,,, and I designed a quest! Now, this quest will require some reflection and some writing. All of of the requirements center on mobile design and maximizing student engagement within the Canvas Student App.

Are you ready? Let me out line them for you!

  1. Read this blog post! (Easy, right?)
  2. Watch Ryan and Kenneth’s InstructureCon 2018 presentation . Feel free to add a comment or a question under the video. While this isn’t a required part of the quest, it would be great to hear about your biggest takeaways from the presentation or your favorite tip and how it can be applied to your work. You could also ask a question!
  3. Participate in the Poll. This will be a way for CMUG members to see how opinions of students at various institutions are alike or different. For those of you who are up for a bonus challenge, there’s even a Google Form version of the poll you can share with your own students before you cast your vote.
  4. Read the Mobile App Design | Course Evaluation Checklist‌. You do not need to comment on Lily's bog. Just read and then think about how you could apply some of its content to your work.
  5. Write a Blog in CMUG. Based on what you learned from the video, the poll, the checklist, and the other mobile-friendly instructional design you’ve picked up along the way, write a blog and share your insights! If you want, feel free to use this template to get started.

Canvas Mobile Design 2019 BadgeWhen you’re done, you’ll receive a nifty badge for your Community profile and 150 points. You'll probably earn more points with likes and comments on your blog, too!

Please note: When you work on quest components, to earn the badge, you have to click on the links in the badge itself. You can find this in your profile, then rewards. Completing it by following the instructions here won’t "complete" the steps that are required to award the badge.

Throughout the coming months, Ryan, Kristin, and I will help develop the discussion that take place as comments and in blogs throughout CMUG. It will be awesome to learn from each other as we browse the materials as I outlined above.


As I fly through CMUG in my newly designed super-suit, I’ll likely award some surprises along the way! Thank you in advance for your thoughtful comments and participation.

Mobile On!

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Great. I can't wait to hear about other peoples ideas, experiences, celebrations of mistakes and success. 

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This is a great quest,‌! We've just redesigned our Student Orientation which included a section on the mobile app. This is a great way to get some feedback on what our students feel is useful and share it with the community. Thanks for the fun push in getting this process going for us!

Community Member‌,

My team and I are in the process of getting ore of our HS teachers to create their coursework in a more user friendly Canvas app format.  During new student training/orientation, we will be requiring students to load the Canvas app to their mobile devices.  I am looking forward to completing this quest so I can be better prepared for our next training/orientation.  Thanks!!


Glad to be a part of this quest.  

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That's awesome! I hope you report back and let everyone know how it goes! 

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If you get any feedback, please share. It's interesting to hear how different schools compare, especially k12 vs HE. 

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Yes, absolutely! Sharing input and feedback is what this community does well!

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My district is 1 to 1 iPads grades K-12.  We recently moved to Canvas as our LMS and I am looking forward to communicating and learning from others in this group.  Our students are using the iOS student app along and our teachers are using the iOS teacher app for grading and the computer for designing their course.  This will be a great resource for me as I help teach, guide, and implement Canvas across the district.