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Community Coach

Canvas Student v6.2.7 for iOS

The Canvas Student app for iOS just released an update and includes a bunch of bug fixes. If you were having any of the following issue, test the app again. If it fixes or doesn't fix your issues, please share! 

Bug fixes:
* Fixed a crash on login
* Fixed showing the wrong participants when replying to a group message
* Fixed course grades for observers
* Fixed linking to a course's front page
* Fixed login links that open in a new tab (including discovery pages)
* Fixed bugs with annotation permissions
* Fixed pasting into rich content editors
* Fixed replying to group discussions
* Fixed bugs with linking to files
* Fixed a bug that would cause the wrong date to be displayed for imported discussions and announcements
* We now show the submissions tab when following a link to an assignment submission
* We now automatically show the login page when launching the app using an unauthorized link which allows users to bypass the domain search
* Logging out will now prevent push notifications from being received
* Fixed a bug that would cause the app to randomly log out

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Hi Ryan Seilhamer,

I, alas, have no easy or obvious explanation here. We have one site (for a course that recently ended, so now it's in a concluded state) that still loads incorrectly. Our team didn't create the link on the page (which is in the form of ) it wasn't embedded using the content selector -- which you can see if you hover over the link; there's a tool tip of "Pages" for the links created using the content selector, but not for manually created links using the hyperlink button/control-K). I'm not sure why it's loading in the mobile browser rather than in the Canvas Student app.

All the other links to pages/pages index page in my various sandbox sites work as expected now in Canvas Student.

I don't think you are missing anything. I certainly can't see anything obvious that's wrong with the link in that one site. So ... shrug?



Yeah, maybe it's a weird edge case with this concluded course? I guess if it's not a consistent issue then we'll just blame it on a Canvas ghost and move on. If I notice the issue again, I'll report back here. Please do the same. Thanks!