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Cloud Assignment support

The most requested support function we get is for google cloud assignments to work in the student app.  As a school district, we are completely steeped in Google Docs for education and with that the need to have a transparent use of Google docs in the app. Our grades 2-6 students all have personalized iPads and rely heavily on the Canvas student app for their learning. The need to be able to access cloud assignment in the app is very important to the K-12 community of learners on mobile devices.

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Community Member, We are heavy Google Doc users as well. Can you say more about what you mean by access to cloud assignments in the app?  Maybe give an example?   Thanks. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

I agree with‌ here. Can you give us a little more information to the exact issue? Is it turning in an assignment that requires the user to get information from Google Docs/Drive, etc? There has been some great discussions around this group about Google and the Student app. If you can push us some more information then we'll be able to help you further to a solution or a path to make the app more Google friendly. Thanks. 

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