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Default notifications in the app


we have been doing some evaluations with students. We are getting some really positive feedback on the student app. We also believe it is increasing engagement in the courses, particularly through announcements. However, some students delete the app because they get 'information overload' from the default notifications settings. As far as we can tell, when you download the app all the usually notifications are set to on, rather than to the usual desktop default settings. Of course, students should know to trim these notifications, but for some reason, they are missing this and aborting the app.

I have submitted an idea to have these set at the desktop default when they first download it. 

But I would like to know if others have had the same problem, and found solutions to helping students over the initial hurdle. 


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Community Coach
Community Coach‌, 

Surprisingly I have never had a student tell me (or any of our support staff) that they deleted the app because of the notifications. I do think it happens though, just not sure at what scale. I'm curious if others have had the same issue as well. Thanks for sharing and the idea. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

I teach at a school with 1:1 iPads, and early each semester, students are reminded to adjust their mobile AND email notifications appropriately. While I would love to see default notifications adjusted upon initial launch, I would actually prefer to see an option for institutions to set a mobile and email defaults for people in specific roles. (I know, I's a huge though, and it's's why I haven't submitted a feature idea.) I have also thought how awesome it would be to "disable" certain notifications for students such as the immediate option for grading or content updates. 

Overall, I believe that my students would say that the more notifications they have about school work, the easier it is to ignore them. As a teacher, that bums me out! Because they don't adjust their notifications as they should, they become "numb" to the feature, and as a teacher, that's tough because that big announcement I need them to see is dismissed or goes unopened.

This could be a really awesome discussion. I look forward to hearing what others share!