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I used the element toggler to in our knowledge checks within our courses.  They are convenient  to use.  I noticed that they don't work within the app.  Is there a plan to get the element toggler to work within the app?  I don't know what to do at this point.

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Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for the follow up. While I don't mind monkeying with Javascript, since this is mostly an aesthetic fix it's going to have to wait a while. I appreciate your research on it.

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Thanks for posing this James. It has helped me create course materials that are a little more interesting than Canvas vanilla, having to purchase something from a vendor, or go into the CSS (verboten by my IT office).

After some investigating, I found that this renders the page not accessible for tabbed browsing. A user cannot tab through the menu items. When testing this, tabbing skips from the three dots menu to the last tabbed item then the page's Back button.

Has anyone else had this issue using this code?

My workaround is the create a parallel accessible page in vanilla Canvas. Its not pretty, but accessible for those who need it.

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