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Explorer III

Excel + Canvas Teacher App + Quiz = No Annotation?

Good afternoon, fellow CMUGers!

tl;dr Can you annotate .xlsx files if they are uploaded to a quiz in the Canvas Teacher app?

A faculty member came to my office this morning with a question I was not able to address, and was hoping that posting it here may generate some insight:

He is unable to annotate on a highly edited .xlsx file that was uploaded to a quiz question. While I was able to annotate an .xlsx in a test course as a regular assignment, my question (for which I could not find many resources) is two-fold:

  • Can you annotate .xlsx files as quiz uploads as opposed to regular assignments?
  • If the .xlsx involves multiple rows and columns with a ton of edits (for example; formulas, conditional highlighting), does that break the DocViewer annotation options?

I'll keep looking into it, but hoping by posting it here someone may have some insights.

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Explorer III

Solved, and escalated.


What was the fix, I'm curious. It might help others as well. Was it specific to the app or the user?‌, neither actually.

Per L1 support: "it's not currently possible to annotate files uploaded into quizzes as the files themselves aren't previewed within the quiz, they are only available to download so it wouldn't be possible to annotate them. I'm not currently aware of any incoming updates that will be adding this as a possibility"

Ah, that makes sense. I see how that's an answer, but not the one you want. I suggest you look at creating an idea to make more people aware of this and see if you can get some attention.