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Front Page Mobile vs Browser

Can anyone provide tips on aligning the front page of a course in canvas (particularly the syllabus as the front page), as seen in a browser, versus what appears first in the mobile app?

Do students really have to click "home" and then "syllabus" to see what we designed as the browser's front page? 

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Hi Bridget, I think the trade-off for us in this situation was to just use a standard page as the front page. Part of the induction to the course could then involve students visiting the Syllabus page to be made aware of it's existence.

Community Coach
Community Coach‌,

Yup, this is how mobile works. I think part of the reason is the syllabus tool was originally intended to include the schedule at the bottom. The syllabus description area was only meant to give teachers a small section to add more information, but not function as a homepage. Over time, as everyone has found their own design with Canvas, this has changed, but the mobile app hasn't. I guess what I'm saying is, Nick is right, your only recourse is to put your syllabus information in a standard page and ignore the scheduling section or make a home page that has a link to your syllabus.

Mobile aside, there are some advantages to having your syllabus in a page. Pages keep a revision history, give you the ability to automatically alert students when there are changes, and can easily be embedded into a module. Of course, you give up the automatic schedule. 

Hope this helps. 

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