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Grade Totals in the Apps (K12)

I wanted to start a discussion about his issue before I create an idea around it. My school district uses our SIS grade book for all reporting purposes such as progress reports, report cards, and transcripts. That typically means that the only assignments in the Canvas grade book are the ones that were created in Canvas. So the Canvas apps (student and parent) report a grade that is not their actual course grade because the real grade book is the SIS grade book. You can see how this would be confusing to students and parents using the apps.

Now, I am aware that teachers can disable showing the course totals in the course settings, but that relies on a teacher doing that for every course and every school year. It would be really nice if there was a feature that would toggle the total grades off by default.

Is there another way to address this issue that I haven't come across? How are you handling it in your district?

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Matt, we are a K12 that also uses an SIS as our system of record for report cards, interims and official historical tracking.   That said, Canvas is our day to day system for all grades and teachers are required to put assignments and grades in Canvas so that students and parents can track throughout the quarter.  They do this on the mobile apps and the web.   Some teachers just put an assignment name, then assign a grade while others make use of Canvas' full features, but all grades must be in Canvas.  At the end of each quarter, teachers manually put the final grade in the SIS.  We have figured out a way to automate this, but have not yet implemented it.  That said, I would support a feature to turn off grades as it sounds like it might help some like yourself, but I would want to ensure that is an option as we rely heavily on the Canvas gradebook.     

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 @MattHanes ‌, 

We have the same policy as  @joseph_allen ‌ described. Canvas is the official grade book and at the end of the semester there is an automated process to add these to our portal. Just like Joe said, I can see how this would be useful in your case. I'll ping a few K12 community members to see if they can chime in.