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Explorer III beta testing

Me: Educational Technologist recently invited to the LTI for Canvas beta testing.

You: Also using the beta, or curious about H5P & Canvas integration.

I'm looking for mobile-friendly assignments, design ideas and more. Let's connect!

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 @tbunag ‌, I think they are still accepting early access requests at Not sure of the time frame for turnaround at this point, though.

The H5P team is super-responsive, and would bet the finished product is going to be incredibly polished and the pass-through to the Gradebook is just superb.

What types of interactive items are you using?

 @GideonWilliams ‌, 

I definitely agree that one less tap and better integration with the Canvas mobile apps would be ideal. Currently when it's tied to an assignment, this is how LTI functionality works for every LTI. I hope in the future that LTI functionality with assignments is altered for all LTI assignments. I know there are plans to rework the assignments workflow on Canvas Student, which goes back to 2012 and is the weakest point of the Student app.

I also love my unintentional mention to Silicon Valley! Not HotDog is awesome! Thanks for the laugh. 

Explorer III

Just got an email stating that the beta is over and is moving into production!

Tobias Funke, in a cardigan, pronouncing his excitement.

Nice! Keep everyone up to date once it rolls out. 

My institution is now officially offering H5P as an LTI option for faculty. I showed a Psychology instructor how to make the most of interactive videos yesterday, and she was sold.

Now, the real work begins in figuring out workflows, faculty investment, and roll out.

(My team in the foreground, me behind them)

Staring into the distance, with someone smiling in the background.

What about costs Chris?

 @GideonWilliams , the pricing is ridiculously cheap and fair. Without posting our direct pricing model, here is the communication that H5P provided me with when inquiring about cost: license
Pricing is based on the number of authors. It includes the LTI integration and stores grades in the LMS gradebook. It does not include analytics. Examples:
  1. 25 authors, 149 USD per month or 1 490 USD per year
  2. 1 000 authors, 2 490 USD per month or 24 900 USD per year
Authors are created automatically the first time they access and are archived automatically if they have been inactive for 3 months. Analytics license
Pricing is based on the number of learners. It allows authors to see what their learners answered, all their attempts, time used and also allow authors to use question types that require manual grading like the upcoming free text question in Interactive Video. In upcoming versions it will include a lot more detail like which parts of a video the learner watched. Price examples:
  1. 1 250 learners, 69 USD per month or 690 USD per year
  2. 50 000 learners, 1 249 USD per month or 12 490 USD per year
Learners are created automatically the first time they access and are archived automatically if they have been inactive for 3 months. "free use" license
Pricing is based on the size of the organization. Every organization member, also students, may author and it also includes analytics for everyone. Price examples:
  1. 1 000 accounts is 279 USD per month or 2 790 USD per year
  2. 50 000 accounts is 7 490 USD per month or 74 900 USD per year

Many thanks. Agree that they are very competitive indeed


Sorry to be a Debby-Downer, but I just installed H5P into Canvas test and guess what's missing....

Closed Captions for videos

You can create a .vtt (and .srt) file, but that's a transcript, not Closed Captions. Doesn't meet WCAG 2.0 AA standards which syncs text to video. That's a show-stopper for us. Absolute must. I checked the forums and there is no current support. You can create Open Captions using something like Camtasia, but that will require a lot of typing and importing the .srt file prior to uploading to H5P. There is nothing like an automatic speech recognition (ASR) engine or editable captions that I can find. Still testing the other components, but I'm pessimistic how it works with JAWS and other screen readers..

Be careful if you use it. Faculty need to understand the limitations.


I agree: Captions in videos are a must for us, and we are working diligently to promote to faculty the importance of captions in videos. Right now, we are suggesting that they write a transcript in Google Docs, record their video and upload it to YouTube, then use the caption editor to make their changes. We also have Screencast-O-Matic as a campus option. At that point, we will work to add the videos to H5P.

We are using the Content Type Accessibility | H5P  guide to make sure we stay within the guidelines on all content types, not just interactive videos. Of course, with the fall semester shaping up the way it has, H5P has taken a backseat...hope to get back to it soon.

Always good to keep each other in check, though. Thank you for your message.