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K-12 iPad 1:1 Districts - we need your vote!

Help us get to 15 likes! 

Vancouver Public Schools and Sweetwater Union SD are both K-12  iPad 1:1 districts.  We’ve found it to be very helpful to share issues that come up when managing a iPad deployment where students use Canvas primarily through the iOS app.  Instructure has agreed to create a group dedicated to K-12 1:1 iPad districts if we get 15 votes.

If your district falls into this category, I think you’d enjoy participating in this conversation. 

We don't expect the issues raised in this group to be the same types of issues raised in the larger Mobile community.  This group will likely have a more technical iOS management and integration focus.

We would like to hear from you!

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I am in Higher Ed with a 1:1 iPad focus, and therefore do not fall into this category. However, I am all for a community dedicated to sharing best practices!


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Hi​ - Please submit your group idea here: Join Groups  (click on the button to "Suggest a group"). This is where the voting occurs. Thank you. Smiley Happy

Hi Biray,

We ran the idea for this group past Jordan and community management.  Scott Dennis suggested we post either in the suggest a group category or the mobile users group.  We felt the mobile users group would include those that would be interested in our focus group.  That said, I'd be glad to do what you want. Can we keep it in both places since we've already sent out this URL to others?



We are an iPad 1to1 school in denver and would love to participate!

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I see 23 Likes!  Can't wait to participate and am excited to see how we all can help each other.

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Valley Christian is a K-12 Private School in SoCal with a 1:1 iPad program with Canvas. Thanks for creating the group.

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Great! Perfect! Thank you! Let's get started!

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Northern Indiana 1:1 K-8 ipad here, look forward to helping each other out.