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Module View in Teacher App


Module-view in Teacher App saves me from flipping back and forth to know where things land.

Describe your mobile idea.

In short, we need the Module view in the Teacher App. As an online instructor, I sometimes do not remember the order of my assignments, as the only place they are in order is in the Modules. Being able to view the Modules can help me interact with assignments and such faster without having to scan for due dates.

How will this mobile idea benefit Canvas users?

Instructors that mainly use Modules will be able to see at a glance where assignments and content pages are located for students. This will help teachers be able to stay inside the Teacher app without having to move back and forth between the Teacher and Student apps.


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Community Coach
Community Coach


YES! I heavily rely on modules as I construct and navigate my courses; this additional support would be fantastic.

Did you see's comment about modules in Canvas Mobile Update‌?

Teacher app doesn’t support modules today. We’re pretty close to being able to make this happen. Modules necessarily come last in development because almost every other kind of content in Canvas can be attached to a module (i.e., modules don’t do anything without assignments and pages and quizzes and links and files also being supported). Modules are also the way that many teachers interact with their course content, so getting to an assignment through the assignments list rather than through modules feels unnatural. Our first pass at modules will definitely not be adding support for building modules or modifying the structure of modules, as much as it will be viewing modules and module items. The basis for the teacher app’s success so far is its focus on course facilitation rather than course building or course structuring, and we’ll keep that theme going in however we incorporate modules.

Community Coach
Community Coach


Thanks! No, I didn't see that, but I fully support it. And honestly, I would not want to build a course in the app. Only viewing and seeing it would be fantastic. It would even be great to get some of the new Gradebook features in the app-- like filter based on Module. That would be even more incredible, honestly.


Every SINGLE time I talk to Mobile PM I ask him about this feature. I agree, it doesn't have to be full featured, but even if it's readable with the ability to publish/unpublish items, then I'd be really happy. Being able to do more really isn't in the "sprit" of the teacher app and can cause more problems than most schools want to support. 


Exactly! Just to see it! That's all I need.

Community Coach
Community Coach‌ (and anyone else who stumbles upon this discussion) -- Did you see the details Peyton shared in Canvas Mobile Product Update - Spring 2019?! Modules. :smileygrin: Yes, there are other awesome updates, but that detail seemed exciting to share here.


I had not, so thank you for linking it! There are some exciting things happening in Mobile!

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