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More Students Accessing Grades/Assignments Via Phone

Hi CMUG's,

I've noticed that I'm answering a lot of student questions that were already addressed in comments I submitted along with their grades. Together we walked through what they're seeing and in the app and, as you know, one can see the three tabs: "Details," "Grade," and "Submission."

I wonder if there's any way to get a notification bubble on the Submission tab? See  below:


Am I asking the impossible? Or, perhaps, if there's a submission comment a * near the grade? Or something that pops up that says "see comments."?

Anyone else have an idea? 

I do realize, at an intellectual level, that it's a matter of having students simply click on a tab; however, if not every grade has a comment, they simply don't bother on the "just in case" plan.


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Community Coach

So, the information is there, but students aren't seeing the feedback because going back to the "submissions" tab isn't really that intuitive?  

That's quite interesting, and I'm not sure I have a practical solution. On first thought having feedback on an assignment under the "submissions" tab doesn't make sense. It seems like grades might be a better place. Issue is, this is where you find this information on the web version of Canvas and that doesn't have a prompt like you suggested.

Essentially, I'm saying this is a Canvas issue that should be addressed across all platforms, but getting back to this specific use case, I agree that there could be some sort of indicator that there is "new" information for a student to view under this tab. A notification prompt, like you suggested would be useful, but that's up for the UI/UX geniuses to decide how to best do this while staying in the design guidelines for iOS and Android. 

I'm curious what others think. 


Adding to the mix is that we have a generation now of "notifications focused" students; they click on the app that has the obnoxious red blip on it. That sort of training is hard to overcome.

I like you suggestion of having the comment in the "Grade" tab, instead. That makes MUCH more sense. 


You bring up a good point about the obnoxious red blip or badge. I personally have to investigate all of them or I have a nervous breakdown. :smileylaugh:

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