Not-so-hidden Treasures: FastTrack Video Series

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My brief post here is going to mirror's original blog post about the FastTrack videos.

Quality product and service by its nature shouldn't call attention to itself for being so good, or the amount of preparation and work it took to achieve quality. (This is always my goal designing digital content in our K-12 learning space.)

These 2½ minute videos are clear and concise, and always helpful.‌ did a great job producing and delivering these pieces. Why is the series so great? It virtually disintegrates the learning curve by embedding just the knowledge tidbits designers need on the fly. For me, this approach prevents the frustration of being stopped a brick wall of ignorance, especially when I foresee a problem area at the start of a project milestone.

So, thank you #Leslie_Stark‌, for your exemplary work on the series. I think you've set the bar that much higher for the delivery of bite-sized chunks of information, delivered right on time for us very busy designers. Is there, by the way, an index page of all the videos in the series?

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Is there, by the way, an index page of all the videos in the series?

Yup...there is...

Canvas FastTrack Series and FastTrack: Canvas Admin Series 


Thank you so much‌, I'm humbled.  

In the month of April, I'm really excited to be adding some items based on TIM (technology integration matrix). Smiley Happy Again bite sized pieces of connecting Canvas and Learning Strategies! A special shout out to‌ for setting up the foundation of TIM and Canvas. 

Any feedback, suggestions, requests, let me know, I will do my best to help! 



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I've watched several of the videos and even shared them on our Canvas dashboard for faculty.  One thing I've noticed is that for some of the videos I've had to really crank up the volume in order to hear you.  Are you using a USB connected microphone?  That might help with some of the audio. This video is an example:  where it sounds like the microphone is not real close to you.  Just a suggestion.



I'll beg, borrow and steal a headset for better audio recording. Smiley Happy 

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