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Adventurer II

Open a link in the OS Browser from the App

Hey! I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to make a particular link open in the devices default browser instead of within the Canvas App? I have a special use case where I have something that students interact with, that doesn't work in the app, but does work in the mobile browser. I wanted to put a link in that will push the students to the web version, but since it is linking to something inside of Canvas it just keeps loading the page in the app.

Any thoughts?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hey, Matt. This isn't possible. The only way to get a link to open outside the app:

  1. Hardcoded by the app to open a Canvas feature (think the conferences tool)
  2. External tool. If it's an external tool, you can have the student change a setting under iOS settings to open them in Safari: What Student app options can I manage from my iOS device settings?  - This will only work with iOS. 
  3. Using a URL scheme to another app. An example would be the Zoom app. 

If you find something different, please let me know! 

Actually, I'm noticing that iOS is now opening all my links in Safari if they are linked from a Canvas Page? Not sure if that is new, a glitch in my app, or intended? Try that from a Canvas Page and let me know what you find out. 

Hi! Thanks for this info.   I think this will solve a problem with some kids ipads being able to open a link and others that cannot.

just fyi, the link above seems to not work any longer.   Here is the new link: