Teachers Need To Use Teacher

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Despite an aggressive marketing campaign and screaming until my lungs grew sore, some instructors on my campus still try to use the old all-in-one Canvas app to teach.  While I am grateful I got these slow-to-change holdouts to even download, install, and use an app in the first place, their stubbornness to upgrade to the Canvas Teacher app blow what remains of my mind.  But this is a problem for another day.  


We could add a prompt to Student app to have the user use the Teacher app if we detect that they are, in fact, logged in as a Teacher.

The prompt could link to the download page on the App Store so it's super easy for them to find.

It could also be one-time only so it's not obtrusive to teachers that really do want to use the student app from time to time.

Some ideas. I'm all for working on ways to direct teachers to the Teacher app.


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I think that is a good idea, as long as it's a one time prompt like you have suggested. Schools can also push out a global message to the teacher role once a semester so they know the app does exist. I think that's all we can do, but as jgriggs@fit.edu‌ has mentioned, sometimes you can give all the prompts in the world, but teachers might still not use the Teacher app. With this as the case, I think the prompt should focus on the specific teacher features that make the Teacher app unique to them such as grading and the facilitation tools (scheduling announcements, changing assignment details, settings, etc).