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Last term we had a Parent Night based on technology systems at our school for anyone that wanted to know what they were and how to connect. The PAIRING with the user has been an absolute breakthrough in the Parent App now - we don't need portal keys from another provider, and we don't need to be responsible for the access. It is so quick and easy, what used to take over 24 hours now takes seconds. 

The Parent App has all the necessities for fast information on their students - grades, announcements and the all important calendar. I have been using announcements as 'fast feedback' for a whole class feedback notification prior to any individual feedback and it works pretty well. I give the students the overall "vibe" of a task before any specific feedback and this also goes to the parents. It is timely and means a consistent message across the class. 

The calendar tool is fabulous as parents can see what is happening in class either the night before, helping their children be prepared for school each day or can be used as conversation starters at the end of the day. It definitely assists in the "What did you learn today?" question - when said teenager replies with "nothing", then the parent can dig a little deeper just from the information posted on the calendar. And all from their mobile phone. Awesome stuff!


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hey congrats Getting parents involved, and improving that home/school connection is so very important. 

We are aiming to go down a similar path. Security needs to be ironed out first but I can't wait!

Community Coach
Community Coach

I also like the pairing code concept a lot. It puts the "power" in the families' hands, and it allows Canvas administrators and teachers to work on bigger ideas like training, support, curriculum, etc. I think it's great that students and their families work together to accomplish this, yet there are ways that school can help if there's an issue.

I think my favorite part of Canvas Parent is (like you said) that it's a conversation starter. It's a "digest view" of Canvas, and I think the simplified interface is perfect for learning about a student's day/week. I also appreciate the ability for families to customize their notifications and assignment reminders. They can be as involved as they want because the app is so flexible!

Having announcements in the app is a wonderful way to keep families in the loop. I think that the combination of global and course announcements is very helpful. 

Sure, there are things that the Canvas Parent app can't do, but if families need to accomplish more (send the instructor an email or check rubric/feedback), the desktop version is always available too. Canvas Parent is a great "coaching app", for families who want the head's up and to be connected and to get the information they need quickly. 

I am excited to see what's in store for this app and to help continue to support the families with Observer accounts at my school during our upcoming school year. My goal is to have wider adoption and more families being actively engaged in their students learning -- whether they use the browser or Canvas Parent.