Working with New Quizzes in Canvas Mobile

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Since the release of the New Quizzes platform in June 2018, there have been many advances. Here are some things that you should know about New Quizzes on Canvas Mobile.


In order to create a New Quiz, you must do so from the desktop. You cannot do it from the Canvas Teacher app since there is no Add Assignment button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

From Assignments, we will create a new assignment. We will not use the Add Quiz/Test button due to the lack of certain fields.

Assignments page

Now that we've got the Instructions and Content Selector Sidebars, we can go ahead and fill in some details.

Add Assignment

For this assignment, please use the Quizzes 2 LTI External Tool.

Quizzes 2 LTI

Once we save and publish, it will be visible in the Mobile Apps. The pencil icon on the top right will be the only way for you to edit the quiz instructions from the Assignments page. To add/remove questions, select the External Tool under Submission Types.

Canvas Teacher view

Once the student finishes the test, the results will be displayed.


Wait a second! Something's not looking right when there are fractions.

Fraction error_

Students can leave comments to request regrades. The teacher can then open the Mobile SpeedGrader and see the problematic question.


Regrading only applies to completed submissions. If all students are affected, please wait for all submissions before regrading.

Since the correct answer is a fraction, manual grading may be needed. To avoid any issues from occurring in the future, please recommend students to round decimals to the required precision, up to the thousandths.

Manually adjusting grade

And that's it! You can now master the power of New Quizzes in the Canvas Mobile Apps!

Community Member

Thanks for the quick guide. My biggest takeaway is since it's an LTI and not a native quiz that teachers lose the ability to adjust quiz settings directly in the Canvas Teacher interface. It appears they are stuck with just being able to adjust very limit "assignment" details and not the quiz settings directly. The work around is to launch the external tool in the app for access to those settings. Also, teachers won't be able to find their quiz in the quiz section of the app, but I know that's related to how the assignment is created as an LTI. Hopefully in the future, once released in place of the current quizzes tool New Quizzes will be better integrated.

The one thing I do like about New Quizzes is once you launch the external tool you can adjust the quiz itself, which wasn't possible before in the app. 

For now, this is a great guide to help people get their feet wet! 


Thanks!  Nice tip to start with the Assignment and select the external tool from there.  Worked like a charm for me.