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Community Coach
Community Coach

"What If" Grades for Mobile


"What If" grades should be available through the mobile apps.

Describe your mobile idea.

Students have access to "What If" grades through the browser version of Canvas. This capability should be added for mobile.

How will this mobile idea benefit Canvas users?

In a recent building-wide survey, many students asked for this feature. They like the convenience of the app, but there are a few features that they would like to see in mobile. "What If" grades are helpful as students prioritize their workflow.


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My students still request What If Grades for iOS, and it's been a top feature "wish" from students since we first adopted Canvas. Like Ryan.Seilhamer@ucf.edusaid, it would be amazing if this tool was available on every platform, not just on some. snugent should we give it one more go? I'd be happy to re-resubmit! Smiley Wink

Highlighted‌ Yes that would be great!