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"What If" Grades for Mobile


"What If" grades should be available through the mobile apps.

Describe your mobile idea.

Students have access to "What If" grades through the browser version of Canvas. This capability should be added for mobile.

How will this mobile idea benefit Canvas users?

In a recent building-wide survey, many students asked for this feature. They like the convenience of the app, but there are a few features that they would like to see in mobile. "What If" grades are helpful as students prioritize their workflow.


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This feature hasn't been added to iOS. I'm not sure when or if it will, but if you still think it's a good idea, this might be a  worth creating a new idea. What do you think‌? 

Highlighted and, I think it is still very valuable to students. My students wonder why they can't do this, and I hear about it quite frequently, actually. I'd be willing to resubmit this idea, even if it isn't guaranteed to be implemented.


Yes, please‌. If you would me to do it, let me know. If you did it or end up doing it before you reply, please send us over the link to vote it up and I will share with our faculty that are wondering where it is too. 🙂 

I added an idea to vote on yesterday to bring MagicMarker to Android for another faculty member too: 

Highlighted‌ or‌ Question for you. I just got a ticket from a student using iOS device about What If grades. The student seems to believe that the iOS app at one time had what If grades. Is this true? I am assuming that the student had an Android phone in the past and didn't make the connection about the differences in platform might also affect differences in the student app. Also I noticed that the feature idea in this thread have been archived. Is there another feature idea for this? 


Hi snugent

In 2016, earned 14 votes, and between May 2017 and November 2017, the idea earned only 6 votes. The most recent submission of the idea was archived with the last batch of ideas. Every month, 50-100 ideas are moved out of voting to make way for the bigger ideas and new submissions.


To add to's post. I'm almost certain What If grades was removed from the Android app as well. It was there in the past, but has been removed. 


I don't think so. This is what got me going on this question because there is a guide for the Android student app. There is no guide for iOS but the student swears this was option on iOS. 


Susan, some of my students confirmed this for us too.  One student shared they used it just yesterday.

Highlighted snugent - 

Thanks for the clarification on Android. I was told late last year that because of multiple grading periods that the feature would be removed from Android. So if it's still there, then that's awesome! I know this is a feature that our students really want on EVERY platform, so going back to the original idea, it would be great. Problem is, student specific features generally don't get much traction in the community since mostly teachers, designers, and admins are the main participants. In addition to being a champion for this in the community, I would suggest you reach out to your support team and CSM.