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Canvas New Feature Screencast (2017-04-01)

Canvas New Feature Screencast (2017-04-01)

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Nice update to the Chat capability!

I very much appreciate how the instructor has a label to identify them.  By the way, this would be very helpful in the Discussions, especially for large MOOC's where you may have multiple instructors.


I agree‌. It would be helpful to have a similar label in the discussions so students can identify which posts are by the teacher. But what if there's a tutor or TA or other role type? Would you want that to show as well? or no?

Hi, Jeff,

The label is pretty cool, huh? It was built by our engineering team that manages chat. Discussions is managed by a separate team, and if you feel this label would be beneficial in discussions, feel free to find a feature idea (or create a new one) over in Canvas Studio so our product team for discussions can consider it.



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