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Canvas New Feature Screencast (2017-10-07)

Canvas New Feature Screencast (2017-10-07)

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Hi there- I am wondering why the students grades page will no longer contain labels for missing and late assignments.  The "late" label is very helpful to our instructors as well as to our Canvas admins when we have to troubleshoot or research an issue involving a student's grade.  It is also helpful to students as they can clearly see on their grades page which assignments are missing and/or late. And while the submission time/date in red text will indicate a late submission, it is too subtle.  Maybe it's just me, but I liked the clarity the labels provided. 

Hi Holly, there is a good discussion of the challenges that came up for instructors and students in a variety of situations on the idea" modifiedtit.... Hopefully the Instructure developers will improve the flags to allow each of us to use it in the best way for our students.

Thanks for the response.  I understand the issue with the Missing label more clearly after reading the referenced posts. I like the idea for instructors to choose whether to enable the labels or not. Hopefully a solution can be found that works for all.  

Hi, Holly,

We removed them as the current Gradebook doesn't have a way to be able to account for online assignments that can also be submitted in class, and we were having too many students confused as to why assignments were marked as missing when they had been submitted in class.

Missing and late labels are part of the new Gradebook, so if you'd like to talk to your Canvas admin about participating in the focus group, you could use the new Gradebook and display missing and late labels to students. In a future release, labels will be able to be individual managed in the new Gradebook as well. 



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