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Rich Content Editor: Interface Enhancements (2020-01-18 Screencast)

Rich Content Editor: Interface Enhancements (2020-01-18 Screencast)

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Any word on if this will be pushed out automatically to academic institutions?

It's an optional feature option for accounts and courses until it replaces the current RCE in June 2020 (as noted here: )

My name is Christian Cardoza, my major is Psychology. I am taking this class because I want to learn how to eat good by focusing on nutritional choices my favorite food is eggs. I am graduating this May I am transferring to California State University Fullerton in the Fall. My career objective I want to become a Mental Therapist. My favorite extracurricular activities I run Cross Country but, I also run Track and Field College of the Desert does not have a track team I been running for 7 an half years I started in my Sophomore year in high school I love running because I like to be in better shape and my favorite color is blue.

 @ccardoza2 ...

I think you meant to post this in your course within your school's Canvas environment instead of here in the global Canvas Community website.  Your classmates wouldn't normally see your posting here.  My guess is that your instructor wants you to reply to a discussion topic in your course...but you'd have to ask him/her to be sure.  Here are a couple resources for you:

We are training some of our staff to use Canvas and it would be amazing if we could embed these videos into our Canvas courses.  I am not seeing an option that will allow for embedding.  

There is an embed code for "how to create Modules" video. (   But I don't see that option for the New Rich Content Editor video above.  If am missing something, please let me know. 

Hey Natalie, 

If you go to the Vimeo page you can embed or download and upload to your course.

107 - New RCE on Vimeo 


We are in the process of updating some of our video settings and will make sure the share and embed options are enabled for all of our Canvas tutorial videos and New Feature Screencasts. The video above (RCE: Interface Enhancements) should have this option enabled already.


Thanks for that link. You are absolutely correct, if there are any videos where these setting aren't enabled, you can always click the Vimeo link on the video (bottom right) to access more settings directly on the Vimeo site.


- Nathan

Don't mean to be harsh but, the new update isn't user-friendly, we have to click multiple times to embed content from various sources. This is a huge waste of time that continually adds up. Do major updates even have usability tests before rolling out? I understand that streamlining or tidying up the interface is important, especially for simple or new users. As a teacher that uses multiple media sources, this only hinders my performance and increases the amount of time to provide quality content for student learning.  Frustrated...

I've had the same complaint. We embed a fair amount of media and files for students to download as resources, and what used to take 2 or maybe 3 clicks takes a minimum of 6! This is just not an improvement for us. and  @marthazumack ,

Thanks for your feedback on the New RCE. Our product team does do an extensive amount of user testing and feedback gathering for feature updates like this. This is also a reason why the New RCE is not being enforced for all institutions until June 2020, to allow for further user feedback and testing on a larger scale. All that being said, please review existing feature ideas for the New RCE and leave this feedback on any ideas relevant to your feedback (or create your own feature idea if you don't find something relevant). The team working on the New RCE is reviewing all of those to look for further ways to improve upon the updates.


- Nathan

Hi there,

I'm having an issue when using the New RCE (which has been enabled by my institution with no option for me to revert). When editing a page, the interface will often jump to a fully-expanded, for lack of a better term, view. In other words, there is no more scroll bar on the right side of the pane, because the text editor has expanded to show the entire page. I have found myself suddenly looking at a different part of the page than where I was working, and scrolling to the part I was working on takes me far from the toolbar. 

Is anyone else experiencing something similar? Or, does anyone know if there is a way to keep this from happening?



P.S. For context, in my courses, I create a page where I add the text of emails that I regularly send in the course, so I can copy, paste, and modify next time I teach the course. The pages can get rather long, but I am the only one seeing or working with them.

We have had several comments about this on the release notes- It is for sure a deal breaker with the side to side scroll bar at the bottom of the window and it not holding your place as you try to edit. Sooo Frustrating and no solutions I have seen yet. 

mathomas and  @shelleen_ockler ,

Thanks for your comments here. That issue sounds like an odd one for sure and something that is very frustrating to say the least. Have either of you reached out to our Canvas Support team? If you report the issue to them, they can file a ticket with the team working on the New RCE so they can look into it and get it fixed. Depending on how your school has support set up, you can either reach out using one of these methods (How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor? ) or reach out to your Canvas administrator at your institution to file a ticket.


- Nathan


Thanks for the suggestion. I've submitted the issue via Report a Problem, so hopefully that will take it where it needs to go.


Something is wrong with this video, Im getting an Oops message.  Any idea on when it will be fixed? 

 @kimberly_marsha ,

That is strange, it's working fine for me. Try the direct link on Vimeo: If that doesn't work, try a different computer or web browser to see if it works elsewhere.


- Nathan

Unfortunately this direct Vimeo URL doesn't work for me. Although the embedded video on this page does play, I can't share it.

Edit: fixed now

If you click over to the HTML editor and then back to rich text, the iframe for the RCE resizes itself to nearly the entire length of the content on the page. Usually, this is much longer than what will fit on the screen, resulting in two scroll bars—one on the page, another within the iframe. Worse, if the content being edited is wider than the iframe, there will be a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the iframe, which is likely way, way off screen. So, editing within the RCE will involve a lot of scrolling (e.g., down to where the horizonal scroll bar is visible, then over so you can scroll right to reveal the stuff you want to edit, then up to where the stuff to be edited actually is, then down again to the horizontal scroll bar to scroll left again, etc. etc.) Untenably cumbersome!

This is a dealbreaker and it is still not addressed. We talked about it months ago but no progress. PLEASE we need this fixed. Letting me resize the edit window is fine but scrolls with in scrolls and not holding my place when I am editing is not acceptable. 

My institution has chosen to roll out the new RCE and I have to say it is far inferior to the old one and I felt that the old one was lacking. Functionality has been reduced for embedding media, especially video, the effort to clean up the tool bar made some tools difficult to find and others seem to be gone all together, there are tool bar drop down menus that ad steps (the subscript/superscript one), and the UI symbols are less informative. I fail to understand why it's easier to create a well organized visually interesting page in Google Docs than in the RCE.

Given the other poor choices made in the new RCE I would bet money that this is a feature and not a bug. I cannot figure out what triggers the expansion but it is infuriating when combined with the other nonsensical decisions. 

When is the end date for the original RCE?  I would love to never use this new feature update but would like to know when end-of-life for the original RCE will be so we can prepare to retrain everyone, redo every instructional video, ever training document, every website we have information on.  I pray that you are not planning to EOL the current one anytime this year. 

Original RCE end of life is currently slated for 2020-07-18 so our institution is planning (i.e. forced) to switch over at the end of the current term.

Official notice: Upcoming Canvas Changes 

Talk to your CSM about requesting a delay given the move everyone has had to make to remote teaching.  With enough pressure from clients perhaps this can be pushed back from the current plan of July 18th.  I know my school is not ready to move; we've done nothing yet to prepare faculty.  I can't hardly get myself to use the new RCE.  With a proposed July 18th cut over that means we'd likely flip it before the summer term starts which is less than a month away.  Really really hoping to get a delay on the forced implementation.


I've let our campus director @kevin1 ‌ know and asked him to reach out because this is just an awful time for this change to happen. 

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