Copying a New Quiz to another Course - questions did not copy over.

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Background: I created a new quizz using questions from an Item Bank that is not only shared to my course but also with an individual teacher. However, when he tries to copy the quiz from my course (where he is a Designer) to his course (where I am a designer), the shell copies over but NOT the questions. 

I then tried copying from my course to his using same method and got the same results.



I then tried the Send to option with the teacher. Still only copied over the Shell - no questions.

Quizzes-AP-COMP-SCI-PRIN-2-Damschen-D- (1).png

ADVICE?: I know there have been issues with images not copying over.... but ALL questions? From an Item Bank that the other teacher is able to see/edit?  What else can we try? We alternate creating items banks and quizzes - then copy them over to our own courses.