Image based answers missing from quiz submission

Community Member
When answering essay style questions as part of a quiz, images pasted into the rich text editor are not submitting. The image appears while the user is completing the quiz, it is still visible if they come back to the question after moving on and additionally when the user submits the quiz it is not listed as a question that has not been answered.
When the lecturer goes to correct the quiz be it via moderate or speedgrader, the answer section for the question is blank. It doesn't state (no answer) so the system appears to recognise that something has been entered as an answer, but it is not displaying it. 
I have replicated this issue myself and this feature had worked previously for the lecturer. My worry now is that 1 lecturer identified this issue only out of their own curiosity, how many others could this be impacting. Some lecturers may just assume the student didn't answer the question.
Has anyone else seen this behaviour?