New Quizzes Moderate Auto-Refresh

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Good morning,

I just moderated my first quiz using new quizzes and have to say I am a little frustrated. In the old quizzes when I am viewing the moderate page, student progress auto-updates when they enter the quiz and also places a timer next to their name so I know how much time they have left. In new quizzes, the page DOES NOT auto-update and I have to manually refresh to see which students are in the quiz, there is also not a countdown, it just says "In Progress". I do not understand why these features would be lost from the old quizzes to the new quizzes.

Further, when students are finished with the quiz and I try to view question and item analysis, there are not reports! In old quizzes these reports were instantaneous and changed as students completed the quiz. Is there a delay in generating these reports in new quizzes?  Do I need to manually generate a report? If so, how?? I am an hour past my students completing this quiz and still cannot see the item analysis so I cannot even begin to see where my students did well and where they struggled.