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3 Things I hope Instructure Improves in New Quizzes

I'm an 8th Grade Science teacher in Utah and I've been using New Quizzes. Alot. Especially in these COVID times. I know my district is planning on moving over to New Quizzes entirely eventually (2022 or 2023). And here are some things I hope get fixed and improved upon. First of all I want to start with some good features. Stimulus questions are awesome. The quizzes are sleek and look good. Once built they function well. there's lots of good moderation features and linking with standards and objectives. The banking is nice but sometimes finicky, but easier to access than the old quizzes. Easy to build. For students, it's better. For teachers however, there are some functionality that is VERY tedious.

1. Managing due dates, assignment categories, point values, SIS synch (basically the settings).

In New quizzes you can only access these easily when you first create the quiz. But if you want to give specific due dates or extensions, change point values, the only way you get into this assignment is to go to the assignments part of canvas, find the quiz, click on the stacked dots. Click on edit. Click on More Options. Then you're there. That's great if your doing a quick one assignment. But let's say you have an IEP kid and you need to unlock ALL of his quizzes for the past two weeks. You have to rinse and repeat that process for every single one. It'd be nice to have an option within the LTI that can at least take you out of the LTI to the settings. OR if that's down the road, perhaps when you click on the stacked dots and then click on edit, instead of opening the small quick window it goes right to the "more options" to eliminate a step AND let you open up that page in a separate tab to edit multiple dates without having to reload the assignment page/search every time. Regardless, this is the most tedious arduous process.

2. Speed Grader linkage and notifications

Essay questions, fill in the blanks, all those features are so awesome. However, they require you to go into Speed Grader into to correct. That's fine, initially. But there is NO easy way to get there. So far there is one way I know of. You have to go to grades, find the assignments, click on the extra arrow of a student's cell, and enter speed grader. Not easy. Then, lets say you finish grading all those assignments, which Speed Grader makes easy quick work and is very well laid out; however, if a student retakes a quiz or assignment in New Quizzes, you do not get notified AND if you have a bunch, you have to click through ALL of them to find the ones that have multiple submissions/redo's. What would be a nice fix is that Speed Grader is accessible, even if made accessible from the setting page (see above 🙂 for help). And, also importantly, just like any external tool assignment, or assignment for Speed Grader (discussions are an exception). Having the need to grade or regrade an assignment it is very helpful when it pops up on the to-do to grade list on the main page. So easier access to Speed Grader and notifications for completed need to grade responses and also when a regrade from a retake is needed as well.

3. Clicking return can take us to assignments, quizzes, or modules instead of the home page.

This is minor, and only adds another step to everything on top of everything. But if there were either breadcrumbs of where we came from or where we are going, that woudl be great.

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#3 would be huge. It's minor, but it's one more ding to extraneous cognitive load every time New Quizzes doesn't function the same as the other tools, and all those dings add up to decrease faculty happiness and increase stress. 

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Yes to all of these. #1 is a big problem for us right now. #2 is smart and #3 would make life better.  Fix them, Canvas. PLEASE.

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Thank you for this list. Indeed, all are important. #1 is incredibly pertinent. In particular, while I appreciate that bulk editing dates is now available for assignments, it should also be available at the student level. I should, for example, be able to select one or more students out of the class for whom I adjust dates on multiple assignments. Unfortunately, I have to go into each assignment to do this, which is a real time waster...

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#2 cannot be mentioned enough - I hope we can get a change happening soon. I have been using New Quizzes for over a year now. It is VERY difficult to keep up with grading students in a timely manner for quizzes that have short answer or file upload questions. There should be a notification in the Teacher's To Do panel when a quiz is submitted, especially if it has items that need to be graded. After the class is graded, if someone submits late I would not know unless I am looking at the gradebook and notice that a single grade is now mixed in with the others where there once was not a grade. And, it shows as a grade, making you think it does not need to be looked at and scored. 

I read in the guide that quizzes that have questions that are teacher-graded do not send notifications or grades to students, but I have had students complain almost immediately that they have a failing grade for a quiz when I have not even seen their quiz to grade it. If all the questions are teacher-graded it shows as a 0! 

Please spread the word that being on the teacher to do list would be most beneficial, thanks!

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I definitely agree! The number of clicks you have to perform in Canvas is mind-boggling. Could be the least user friendly LMS I've ever used from a teacher's perspective.

#1 in particular is a massive waste of time, especially, as the OP points out, when trying to give access or change dates for 1 student. This option should exist in the LTI in the same exact place that you can give students an extra attempt. Assigning students an extra attempt in one place and due dates in another is inefficient.


Hello all,

Happy Summer!

A quick update here; the workflow problems caused by the lack of Previous/Next buttons will be addressed in the July Release. Students working from within a module will be taken to the activity preceding or after a New Quiz. 

 Canvas Release Notes (2021-07-17)