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Add Return Button When Managing Item Banks

As of right now when you go to the screen to manage item banks you are unable to return to a quiz or to Canvas and it does not even load into a different tab. I am having to either hit the back button until I find where I need to go or open up a new tab and find the course once again. Currently there is a "Return" button available when you open up a quiz for the new Quizzes LTI that takes you back to your Canvas course. Please add this for item banks as well.

Here is what it currently looks like when inside of a quiz:

Return button showing to the right when within quiz

Right now when you are in an item bank there is nothing as is showing below:

This image shows what the screen looks like when you manage item banks. There is no way to return to where you previously were.

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Hi  @timothy_maw ‌,

This functionality is in development.

Thank you for the clear feedback; the screenshots are a help.


Kevin Dougherty

Assoc. Product Manager, Assessments


Thanks  @kdougherty1 ‌. I am glad to hear this is in development, it will be really nice to have.

I noticed this has now been added, thank you for adding this, it makes navigation much easier.