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Adding Random Items from Item Bank in New Quizzes

I am not happy with how you must add random (+All/Random) questions from bank to New Quizzes.  I have questions in my bank that require multiple answers and are worth more than 1 point.   I also have questions that only require one answer and are worth 1 point.   If you choose to add random questions using the Item Bank, then all questions are forced to be the same number of points.  I do not understand the reasoning behind this.  

I had an idea for a workaround, but it's not good either.   I was thinking I could break up the larger questions into parts, but then, when using random selection, parts of the same question might not be assigned together.  So, that won't work.

Another idea is to just add all the items manually, but even when you do that, every question is set to 1 point and then you have to edit the number of points when making a new quiz.  

This is frustrating behavior.  The +All/Random feature could be so useful!

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We have made additional item banks in order to use the "+All/Random" option. It does not quite meet our needs either.

Currently all our questions have the same amount of points, but since you can either take all of the questions or a random amount of questions, then we needed to create additional item banks so we can split them up by topic/subject and only have questions of specific topics/subjects randomly sorted.

You could perhaps sort questions into item banks based on point number? Definitely a bit of a workaround, but you can add questions from as many different item banks as you want to a single quiz.

There is an idea discussion for being able to use the +all/random based on a tag, not item bank, and I think that could possibly suite you as well provided you used a tag for the multipoint questions.

Community Champion

It would be interesting to save point values with each question and select a random option of the correct number of points.  However, for now the points are assigned in each quiz, which allows you to add questions to different quizzes with different points appropriate for the quiz.  Reversing that would be a completely different function.  Individually adding the questions does give you the flexibility to adjust points separately for each question.

Another option is to divide your questions into banks by point value.  You can put the longer multiple answer or matching questions into one bank and the shorter multiple choice or true/false questions into another bank, and then randomly select questions from each bank.